Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun in the Mountains

On Tuesday Brian, Katrina, Thomas, and I went high into the mountains so that Brian and Thomas could fish. Matt and Miriam had to work. On the way to the mountains, Katrina asked me what we were going to do; she didn't want to be bored. I told her not to worry—I had plans. Brian found a likely fishing spot by a stream and he and Thomas cast out their lines. Katrina and I pressed wildflowers and skipped rocks. I found an old pop can tab and taught her how to send it spinning into the air.

While exploring along the stream, we found a “perfect” fishing spot which we showed the men and they moved there to fish. The ground was covered with flat rock, and the spot we found for them had rock shelves hanging over the water. It was such a fun place to play. I was particularly intrigued with a spot where the water rushed over flat, inclined rock. The rock was slimy with moss, and I was sure that it would make an excellent water slide. I was too chicken to try it out myself, but when Thomas took a break from fishing, I convinced him to do it, promising him that if the slide worked, I'd try it out, too. Well, it didn't work. The incline was not enough and neither was the force of the water. He did enjoy “surfing” the rock. He'd stand in the water just on the edge. I would hold his hand and run alongside the water on dry rock as his feet slid along the wet slippery part.

The men didn't catch any fish, so Brian grilled hot dogs, and we had fun talking and eating. After lunch, Katrina and I built a fairy house while the men cleaned up the food. After taking pictures of Katrina's handiwork, we loaded up the car and drove higher up the mountains. We saw gorgeous water falls and the kids had fun climbing around and yelling to us over the sound of the rushing water. We drove up to the treeline where snow was still on the ground. There we walked around a bit and admired the high mountain lake. The drive home seemed to take no time at all.

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