Saturday, August 13, 2011

Word of the Day: Extubated

Extubate: to exterminate the existence of the tube in Lily's mouth going down her throat, doing all her breathing for her.--Marci

From Cassandra's Journal:  

This morning at 12:15 we called Lily's nurse and they said they would probably extubate her!! I was so excited, I didn't want to go back to sleep. They said that usually they extubate after the doctor's rounds, which could be anywhere from 11 AM to 4 PM. I didn't want to wait that long! When we got to her room at 9 AM, she had been extubated!!!! I got to hear my little girl cry for the first time. I cried and cried, it was so amazing. And with the oscillator gone, it was alot easier to see what Lily looked like. She's so beautiful. At doctors rounds they said we're getting to the point where, if she continues to do well, we can start talking about sending her either home or to the Tyler NICU, either of which would be so wonderful; we want to be able to get back to normal life and have Emerson see his daughter every day after work without driving four hours. I'm so grateful for the miracles we've seen, and hope they will continue. We still don't have a timeline of when she'll come home, it just depends on how does does.

The next steps are: if she continues to do well, remove her PAL IV, then wean her off her pain medication (fentanyl. She's already off dopamine and versed) and her hydrocortisone; make sure she's digesting the breastmilk they've been giving her through a tube, and then start exclusively bottle feeding her. PPHN (persistent pulmonary hypertension) babies often have a hard time bottle feeding, because they don't know how to suck and swallow at the same time. So if Lily does well with bottle feeding, she can come home. If she has trouble, she might stay at Dallas NICU until she's got it, or finish up at Tyler NICU.
The Lord has given us so many miracles in her improvement, and I pray for more miracles as time goes on. I feel so blessed and grateful. God has given us health, strength, stamina, safety, the Ronald McDonald House and free meals, great health insurance, good healing for many blessings.

Grandma Says:  Yay!  Happy day!

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