Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missing Lily

Today Grandma had to say goodbye to her little Lily and go home.  

Although Grandma was sad to leave, it was so wonderful to see Lily looking so happy without her little furrowed brow and long suffering-look of the past. 

Grandma left a happy Lily with two happy parents who laugh and smile and talk about the future once again. 
As you can see in the next picture, Lily gave Grandma a present before she left.

A smile!

(Note from Cassandra)
Yesterday Lily took 40% of her nutrition through the bottle, today it has been 65%.  She's doing great, and it's a miracle that she's been able to feed so well.  As soon as she does 100% feeds for a couple of days and gains weight, she can come home. :)
She ONLY has a feeding tube in her nose now...no IVs or anything, just the feeding tube and the monitors!
Grandma Cole had to leave this morning and we will all miss her.  At least we got a cute picture with Grandma and Lily before she left (Lily's smiling...really, truly smiling...in that picture)
Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!  Please keep praying that she'll come home as soon as possible and continue to be healthy in mind and body!

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  1. Absolutely precious! I'm so glad she is improving so rapidly.