Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girls Night Out

Yesterday Brian and Thomas went on the Father's and Son's outing.  While the boys were away, the girls got to play!  We drove to Miriam's work so that she could conduct a little bit of business while she was there, Katrina and I went to a dairy store and looked around.  We each bought a yogurt, and Katrina bought a giant jaw breaker lolly pop.  When Miriam was done at work, we all went to a boutique.  It was such a fun place!  We had fun saying "Look at this" and "How cute," trying on hats, and rummaging through the dollar jewelry bin.  Miriam bought herself a $5 pair of sandals, a pair of earrings and a weird little key chain thingy--why not.

I bought myself a teddy bear wall hanging for the playroom for $2. 

 We enjoyed looking at the expensive stuff, but resisted the urge to buy any of it.  Then we went to the Mall where Katrina bought herself a "The Scarlet Pimpernel" piano book.
We ate at Panda Express in the mall order two plates to share between the 3 of us, then we bought ice cream at the grocery store and came home.  

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