Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lily's Thursday

Today was a nice day for Lily.  Her greatest accomplishment of the day was being weaned off the nitric oxide.  Going from "1" to "0" on the nitric is often a very hard thing for a baby to do, but in the short hour that she has been off it, Lily has shown no signs of distress from the process.   As you may recall, the reason she was life-flighted to this hospital is so that she could be put on the nitric, so it is a good sign that she doesn't need it any more.  Lily also seemed more calm today, and less irritated by voices.  She also seems to be learning to self-soothe.  She is being very strong, but also very patient.  We are so proud of her!  Also, Lily may be receiving a PIC line tonight which can be a hard, painful process, so she still needs lots of prayers.

Lily got to suck on a binky for the first time today!
We had to hold it in for her, of course.

Lily's daddy was at work today.  He also worked yesterday, but made the long trip back to see Lily last night and just a bit this morning.  We are glad that he is doing what he needs to do to make it possible for both Lily and Cassandra to be here.  He will  be back again tomorrow, and neither he nor we can wait!  Lily's mommy was a bit disappointed about not holding her yet.  We found out that someone had spoken too soon, and that may not happen for awhile.  She is, however, very excited about Lily's being weaned off the nitric, and of course a bit concerned about the planned placement of the PIC line.

Lily holding her new Lovey.  

Lily likes her new Lovey very much even though its kind of huge.  She actually seems to enjoy grabbing on to it.  Three separate times we have come in to find her grasping it and rubbing it.  I am so glad!  It's about time we got something pink in there for her :)  I made Lily a little cocoon of her own, just for fun.  Who knows when or if she will be able to use it.

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