Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Lily

Wow, it is so hard to be away from Lily.  I miss her so much.  Also, I took my camera home and now Cassandra and Emerson are left without a way to take pictures.  I wish so much I could see her now that she has no feeding tube!  Imagine, no more tubes, just monitors!

And even better, Lily can go home tomorrow if she gains weight!  We are praying so hard that she will be able to go home.  The thought of Emerson, Cassandra and Lily in their own home is so wonderful!  Cassandra says Lily's been smiling all day.  Poor baby is finally getting what she needs.  Imagine how happy Lily will be in a home instead of a hospital.   Imagine how happy Grandma will be to have pictures of the happy occasion!

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