Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Lily gets to be Held

Today started out very hard for Lily, and ended up very happily.  Even the hard part of the day was due to the wonderful progress Lily is making.  You know when you are really sick and are just out cold, but as you begin to get better, you get more grouchy?  That's how it was for Lily this morning.  She was irritated by the oscilator doing all the breathing for her when she wanted to do it on her own.  Cassandra and I took turns holding her hand and singing to her and keeping her binky in her mouth, trying to soothe her soundless crying.

Tonight is a whole different story.  Lily is off the oscilator and on a ventilator. This makes all the difference.  Daddy takes pictures as Mommy settles in a chair with her precious bundle.  Now it is quiet and dark in Lily's room with no noise except the murmurs and sniffilings of her happy parents; Cassandra is holding their little Lily for the first time.  Now Cassandra sings and whispers some more; Daddy kneels by their chair in gratitude and love.  Lily gets many first-time kisses. The nurse comes in, speaking loudly, but the spell isn't broken; a family, now whole, is treasuring the moment.  Cassandra stayed all night in the hospital with Lily last night and was with her most of today.  Now her vigil is rewarded.

Daddy's turn.  He missed Lily so much while he was at work the last two days.  If it weren't for email and cell phones, I'm not sure he could have survived it.  Now he smiles and he bends over her, whispering.  Picture time for Daddy and Lily.  The lights blare so that Mommy can take the pictures.  Four clicks and the light goes off.  I wonder if the pictures caught Daddy's proud, adoring look.  Lots of fussing over Lily.  Randomly, Emerson looks up with a smile and declares her room "The Lily Pad."  They laugh.  Whispering, laughing, counting.  What are they counting?  Humming.  Three faces in a tiny triangle; grandma's cue to take another picture. 

And another.

Visiting time for Grandma's is over.  Good night, little family.


  1. This makes me SO happy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment!

  2. Hooray! What a wonderful answer to many prayers.