Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Star is Born

Today was movie day at the NICU with Lily as star.  Lily got to appear on the not-so-big-screen (Skype on an HP Mini) while her adoring fans looked on.  Her other grandma, and her aunties and uncles at her other grandma’s house, and her  Grandpa Brian, Uncles Jon, Matt, and Thomas, and her Aunties Miriam and Katrina all oooo-ed and aaaa-ed.  Lily graciously accepted the accolades as her due. 

Lily, who heretofore has sported nothing but a diaper, wowed her audience today by donning a dapper hospital t-shirt.  They will be even more thrilled with tomorrow’s photo shoot where she will dazzle audiences with an outfit chosen by the famous designer, Mommy.  It is sure to be this season's greatest hit.

Besides the above-mentioned fashions, Lily needs no other accoutrements but a mall tube in her nose, and one IV in her arm.  When Lily has mastered the art of bottle feeding her mommy’s breast milk, she will celebrate her accomplishment by doffing the nose-tube.  Once she gets off her meds, she will also lose her IV.  When these things happen, Lily will bid farewell to her adoring fans in the NICU (The doctor and nurses who called her a “rock star” today because of her amazing progress), and retire to her estate in the country to be coddled and coiffed by her loving parents for years to come.

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  1. Thanks so much for these wonderful updates! We love hearing the little steps forward and my kids Dante and Iris are starting to recognize Baby Lily and how her "Owies are getting all better!"

    Natasha (Emerson's sister)