My Mom

This is my mom, Jenny.  She lives far away from me and has ever since I have been married.  It is one of the sad things in my life.  Having her for a mom, however is one of the happiest things in my life!
Some of the things that my mommy did for me are:
She read to us!  “Just for Fun,”  “Are You my Mother?”  “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Ferdinand,” “The Hobbit,” I could go on and on.  She even read me “The Little Mermaid,” because I begged and begged her to read it even though she kept warning me that it was really sad.  She was right, and after she read it, I cried and cried for the poor Little Mermaid.  One of my hobbies is to collect all the children’s books I grew up with.   I read them to my kids when they were litte, and now I read them to any little child who comes along.  Soon I will read them to my grand daughter. 
She played with us!  My personal favorite game I will call “Get Up, Mom.”  This is a game my mommy would play when she was finally too exhausted to play anything else.  At that point, she’d flop onto the floor and we’d work to lift her back up.  Nothing we did would keep her up—she’d just flop back down.  She’d have her eyes closed, but she couldn’t fool us, we knew she was awake; the giggling gave her away.  One time after much grunting and lifting by us kids, Mom ended up in the closet.
She sang to us!  After my bath, she'd wrap me in a towel, and sit in the rocking chair and hold me and sing and sing.  I did the same thing with my kids, singing some of the same songs.  Her singing with me and me singing with them is one of the best memories I have.  
So, even though I don’t live close to my mommy, I have memories, visits, and fun phone conversations to get me through.  Her example has helped me be a dedicated mom for my kids and an insanely excited grandma for my grandkids.