Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Trip To Oregon

Astoria is one of the places we visited.  Sorry the picture is so fuzzy.
Today I am sitting on a balcony in Seaside Oregon enjoying the cloudy skies, the perfect temperature, and a beautiful view of the ocean inlet behind our condo.  We are staying here with our good friends, Rich and Luann in a beautiful condo 3 blocks from the ocean.  The condo is clean comfortable, well-stocked and fabulously furnished.  Rich and Luann gave us the master suite, the sweet hearts,  (or is it suite hearts? Ha ha.  I think Oregonean humor is sinking in) which opens on to this private balcony.  Right now Brian and I are watching a heron eat its breakfast along the banks of the inlet.  Folks with crab pots are out early on the bridge to the north of us.  We count nine lines out so far and wish a few of them were ours. 

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