Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27--Dear Elder

Dear Elder,
 Hi, How are you?  Thank you for your last letter.  It was nice to email back and forth a bit, too.  I always pray for you, but this week I have really been praying for you and your companion and your investigators.  I’m sorry that your hard work hasn’t reaped the blessings for your investigators yet that you would like them to have, but I know that Heavenly Father will consecrate your efforts for your good and theirs.  You are doing a wonderful job!

Monday we had the interesting experience of driving all the way to a little mining town far away from anything else, to look at houses.  Though it took only 35 minutes to get there, it seemed like forever.  Dad wanted to look at a little house there that was for sale for only $45,000.  He thought it might be a good investment to buy it and rent it out, hoping that the little town will become a big booming town someday.  It was a nice drive and made for a nice evening, but we are not planning to buy any property there any time soon as far as we know, ha ha.  When we got home, Miriam was back from Washington DC and we enjoyed hearing all about her trip.

Tuesday we had the wonderful experience of seeing Donny sealed to Brett and Emily for time and all eternity in the temple.  It was a real privilege for Dad and me to be there, and the spirit was very strong.  Donny looked so happy!  When I hugged him afterwards, I told him that this was only his first time at the temple and to be sure to return there again as a missionary and throughout his life.   It was also the first time that we got to see Becky and Jim since their engagement, so it was also nice to see and congratulate them.

While we were at the temple, Miram, Katrina, and Thomas watched the rest of Brett and Emily’s kids.  After the sealing, we all went out to eat, which was awesome because then the kids who weren’t at the sealing could participate in the celebration of it, at least.  Jonathan had to work, but got off in time to join us at the restaurant.  It was nice to have him there, and he got to meet Jim for the first time.  Jim is a really great guy, Matt, and I am so glad Becky has found such a good man to marry.  It was a wonderful, wonderful evening.

One thing I feel bad about, though, is that Don paid for our familys’ meal.  Brett had chosen an expensive place to eat at, and I mentioned the price because I was hoping that maybe we could find someplace cheaper, but I told Renee that if we did go there, it was fine, and that any cost was worth getting together as a family after such a wonderful experience.  So, anyway, Don offered to pay, and Dad took him up on it and I learned to keep my big mouth shut.  It was so nice of Don and Renee to do that.

Wednesday the kids went to young men and young women groups and Dad and I stayed home and watched TV.  Then I went to bed early, which was wonderful because I really needed the sleep.  Thursday Thomas interviewed at the water park and he has a job as a cook for the summer.  He applied for a supervisor position, but they ignored that and hired him on as a cook.  He’s fine with that.  After the interview he and I got food and met Dad at the laundry and ate there.  Katrina went to see the play, “The Hobbit,” put on by the children’s theater, with her friend Ashton.  I think she had a fun time.

Friday night Dad and I went out to eat and then we went home.  We watched a good movie about the civil rights movement called “The Long Walk Home.”  Thomas was at Jonathan’s house barbequing in the rain. He said they had a lot of fun and that the burgers they made were incredibly delicious.  Speaking of food, Matt, are you paying attention to how to cook the food you love?  There are many little Latino food stores around here that sell Mexican brand foods, so pay attention to the brands and ingredients that you need to make the food you like, okay?  BTW, I just looked at your account, and it looks like it is almost empty, so I put $100 in there.  Let me know if you need anything else.

Saturday was cold and rainy.  In the afternoon, Katrina, Dad, and I went to a youth camp leader planning activity.  The activity was supposed to be seven hours long up a nearby canyon which is why they asked Dad, as a priesthood holder to come along.  Anyway, with the bad weather, we ended up doing a few activities up the canyon, then, after making s’mores, we went back to the church and ate dinner and finished our planning activity there. After dropping us off at the church, Dad went on to work some more at the laundry.  It was a good activity.  The girls are amazing and planned lots of fun and inspiring activities to help the younger girls come unto Christ.  The activity ended sooner than was expected and Katrina and I were home by nine.  At home, we found Miriam and Thomas watching the last half of Batman Returns, so Dad, who had just gotten home, Katrina, and I joined them.  It was nice to have us all five together.  It doesn’t happen very often anymore.

Today has been a wonderful Sabbath day, Matt.  Yesterday I fasted to have more love in my heart, and today I really tried to care about others and I prayed a lot for help.  It was wonderful to visit with and enjoy so many people at church today, and I really loved the lessons.  The lesson in Relief Society today was on Motherhood.  I have been thinking and reading about the doctrine of motherhood lately, and have tried to cultivate the divine nature of love and compassion within me, which is why I fasted yesterday, so the lesson is just what I needed.

As you may or may not have realized, Matt, today is Cassandra’s birthday.  We already sent her a present, but we also have a madlibs for her, and we are going to Skype with her later and read it to her.  She is 26 today.  I have been able to talk to her and Lily a couple of times this week which has been so nice.  She only has eight days till her due date.  Pretty exciting, huh?  Before we know it, they will have a little baby boy.  Wow, is Lily going to be surprised!  I also have more meetings tonight, but I’ll be done by 7:00, and I’m very happy about that.  We took pictures of all the young women in the stake and I am in the process of making flash cards for them so we can learn their names better.

 I have seen Jon this week at Costco, and he seems to be doing quite well. I pray for him and all of you kids all of the time, and I know Heavenly Father hears my prayers because He showers blessings down on my children.  I love you, Matthew, and I hope that you and your companion are successful and focusing on serving Christ and not worrying if you have impressive results or not—He sees your work and knows your heart and loves you dearly.  So do I!


April 21--Letter From Matt

Here ya go mom! hahaha  I love you! Thanks for your letter! I hope that you like mine, if you don't you still have an hour to ask me information!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20--Dear Elder--Happy Easter!

Dear Elder,

Happy Easter! 

“He is Risen, He is Risen! 
Tell it out with joyful voice. 
He has burst his three days prison;
let the whole wide earth rejoice! 
Death is conquered.  Man is free. 
Christ has won the victory!”

  This Easter morning I have been thinking again about your questions concerning Mosiah 15:9-15.  I am thinking about how it is not only very important to know that God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate and distinct persons, but how it is just as important to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are one, as in united and agreed.  I think this is true for many reasons, one is that God would like us to strive for the same unity in our relationships with our fellow man.  I think another reason is so that we will not be confused about their separateness. 

The Book of Mormon tells us that King Noah and his priests, to whom Abinadi was preaching in Mosiah 15, were idol worshippers, and that the people of King Noah became idol worshippers as well (Mosiah 11:6,7).   If King Noah and his people were anything like the idolatrous nations of the Old Testament, they probably worshipped many gods.  All the false gods Old Testament that I looked into were believed to be totally separate from each other with different dominions, goals, and requirements and they were even sometimes oppositional.  In fact, some pagans of the Old Testament taught that the god, Mott killed the god, Baal who then came back to life. 

Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, on the other hand are completely united.  When we obey Christ’s commandments, God the Father blesses us.  When we pray to the Father, Christ’s intercedes for us.  The Holy Ghost testifies of both the Father and the Son.  Christ did nothing except those things that His Father would do.   As the Encyclopedia of Mormonism pointed out, they are completely united in their desire to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” 

Not only that, they are all one in righteousness.  Immorality, murder, etc were a common part of pagan worship, and the gods themselves were notoriously wicked.  We know that King Noah and his people were participating in whoredoms and other evils, probably spurred on in their idol worship.  Our Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, on the other hand are perfectly righteous in how they behave and how they require us to behave.

How marvelous is our God!  No fabrication of the human mind, religious or otherwise, has ever come close to the beauty, perfection, and love found in the truth.  The truth is that there is a loving God in heaven, and He is the father of our spirits, that His Son and our elder brother, Jesus Christ, is our Savior, who came because His father sent him, and died for us because of His everlasting love and kindness towards us, and rose on the third day with healing in His wings, and that the Holy Ghost is real, a personage of spirit, bound by loving covenant to testify to the children of men that God the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ live!  I know these things are true, Matt, and they fill me with joy and gratitude on this beautiful Easter day!

It has been a good week.  Heavenly Father is helping me be more focused on the Savior.  He is also helping me to see my many weaknesses I have worked hard this week and have gotten a lot done.  I felt very blessed today as I took the sacrament and pondered on Jesus Christ and His atonement.  I know that He lives and loves me even when I falter.

Miriam's rice crispie bunny

Thomas's traditional alien bunny, this time done with rice crispies instead of bread

Bread Bunny--Whole wheat version for Dad

Tuesday, for family home evening, we did all the Easter goodies stuff because we knew that Miriam would be out of town today.  It was a fun evening.  Katrina and I made bread bunnies, and then when Miriam came home, she and Thomas made rice crispy bunnies because they can’t eat wheat.  Then when Dad came home, we all colored Easter eggs together.  While I cleaned up afterward, Dad and kids went into the bathroom and did our weirdest family Easter tradition which, as you know, is to dump the die into the toilet as it flushes and watch the different colors of swirl around and flush down.  May I just say, that is a tradition of Dad’s invention?  He and his brother used to do that as kids.  It’s one of the few traditions that Dad had growing up, poor guy. 

Then Dad and I hid the Easter baskets and then the kids found them.  It took less than five minutes, ha ha.  Jon came over, too, awhile later, and we had some more fun visiting going on.  I sent him home with his Easter chocolate and also rice cripies which he shared with his room mate.  He texted me the next day to tell me he was totally out of chocolate and needed more candy.  He was totally kidding.  I gave everyone waaaaaay too much Easter candy this year.

I also had fun sending an Easter package to Lily.  Dad and I bought her a sugar Easter egg with a bunny scene inside.  I also enclosed a little stuffed ducky wearing a raincoat and hat.  When Lily was a baby in newborn ICU, and I was staying at the Ronald Macdonald house with Cassandra and Emerson, they were giving out free toys, so I took the duckie and saved it to give to Lily when she was older.  Well, she’s older now.  Cassandra said she loves it.  I also made her an Easter card and sent her a Noah’s Ark board book with cute pictures.  Cassandra was planning to give her the book for Easter today.

Other than that, we have just done boring stuff like yard work, putting in a new bathroom faucet upstairs, etc.  Wednesday, Katrina and Miriam went to see Les Mis again, and now Miriam is out of town, so Thomas and Katrina have been the only kids at home.  Thursday night, Dad, Katrina, and I went walking along the river.  The weather was perfect and the air was fresh and smelled like trees and water.  I love spring! 

Friday Dad and I went out on a date, and on Saturday we bought some Mexican food from a lady who has three kids.  Her husband was deported, and she is trying to survive.  The food was fantastic, and we enjoyed talking to her and encouraging her.  I hope everything works out for her family, and I hope we can buy some of that good food from her again soon!

Today we are going to walk around the temple and then sit in the grass and talk about the resurrection.  We are also hoping to Skype with Cassandra and Emerson.  Jon called today.  It was sure nice to talk to him for awhile.   

I love you, Matthew, and hope that your Easter is one filled with joy and love for the Savior and with the Spirit of God.


2014 04 15--Letter From Matt

I'm going to write a general letter this week. Yesterday was transfer day and things got really crazy. I'm grateful for all of the help that we received from the Spirit and from God. Things just barely worked out, but they worked out, and we never got into a situation that we couldn't resolve with help and inspiration from heaven :)
My companion and I are in the same area and haven't changed, but we had to help a lot of other Elders and Sister missionaries get to their new areas.
I've got some good news! On Sunday we found out that Rocío got baptised! Also María s and her husband Cezar got baptised too! That's truly amazing! I was so glad to hear about them.
I also go to hear from Manuel and Anahí, a young matrimony from Los Cabos. They are now living in Puebla (a different city in a different state) and are still active in the church. They are planning on being sealed as a family to their two wonderful children later this year.
We are currently teaching Jesus Abitia and his wife Lupita. Lupita is a member of the church and her husband is very interested in learning about what we believe. Right now we are teaching them about the Restoration of the church. Today we have an appointment with them and we are going to teach about the Great Apostasy and about the Restoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith. It's going to be awesome.
We still haven't gotten to see Rosa María. She seems to be discouraged about something but every time we try to teach her, she says that she's busy and doesn't have time. We are praying for her and we hope that this week we'll be able to talk to her.
Yahir is doing well.
Omar is pretty much in the same situation that he's been in for a while now. We didn't see him last week but we are going to teach him the Restoration this week because we have a sneaking suspicion that although he's been going to church and receiving the missionaries off and on for six years now, that he hasn't been taught the Restoration yet...... Hmmm....
I've been working to strengthening my testimony of Jesus Christ. I try to testify of Him in every lesson and I try to follow all of His commandments even when it's hard to do. I feel like my testimony of Him is growing gradually . I need to be persistent. I don't think that it's going to be strengthened all at once. Just as a tree does not spring up all at once full grown from the ground.

I love you all and I hope that you have a great week, I'm sorry that this letter is going to a large group of people and that I couldn't write specifically to  every single one of you as I usually like to. I'm praying for you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

April 13--Dear Elder

 Dear Elder,
How are you today?  I am fine.  Thank you for sending me letters.  You can do the picture-letter thing, it's not a problem.  I'm glad that it gives you time to write to others.  I hope that you are enjoying your week, and that you are able to teach more people than last week.  I'm sorry about Rosa Maria getting Dengue fever.  That is a scary thing, and I'm glad that you told me about it, because it helps me know what to pray for--for her to get better and for you not to get it!  I hope that you and your companion will be inspired to know how to help Omar and his family.  That was pretty funny what you said about Alma 31:5 and the sword.  It made me laugh out loud.

You said you heard President Faust speak in Conference.  Either you were listening to an old conference, or you are much more in tuned than me, ha ha, because Elder Faust passed away a few years ago.  Anyway, I will look for a talk about fortifying our testimony of Jesus Christ.  I like how you are focusing on Christ, and I am going to try and do that, too, this week.  I also want to read about following up on things in Preach My Gospel like Elder Ballard tells us to.

Matt, I am so glad that you and your companion get along so well and appreciate each other so much.  Unity makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Last week was Spring Break and, after conference, we went to visit Grandpa and Grandma.  The weather was beautiful, and we did lots of fun things with them.  We visited Great Grandma and took her to see the new temple.  We also went to the desert and tromped around in the cactus for a couple of hours.  It was a fun hike, and we saw a lizard, a frog, a hawk, and even some water.  Dad wanted to go to a cowboy town on Wednesday, so we did that, too, which pretty much took up a full day.  They had a nice museum at the old county courthouse, which was very interesting, but I could have done without most of the rest of it.  Thursday I helped Grandma digitize some old family pictures and Dad helped Grandpa fix a leaky pipe in the ceiling.  Later we joined my sister Julie's family and had a fun time swimming with them.  It was fun to talk and visit with them and Celeste and Jacob.  It was their pool that we went to.

We got to see Julie and Kelly and family quite a lot while we were there, which was awesome.  Also, my brother, Tom joined us on many of our adventures, and it was really fun to visit with him so much.  We also got to see his boy, Michael which was very nice.  We ate at a place called Huauchinangos which sold delicious, authentic Mexican food prepared the way the do it around Puebla.  Dad and I couln't get enough of it, and we ordered tamales to go another time as well.  The kids discovered Thrifty ice cream, which is the ice cream we would buy when I was a little girl, and is about the best ice cream around.  We also ate at Dad's favorite barbeque place--Dad ate there twice.  It was a fun visit, and I am very glad that we went!

We got home very late, and had to go to the laundry and wash and go through everything to make sure that not hitchhikers (roaches) came home with us.  We were done by midnight and got to sleep by one o'clock.  Nine o'clock church this morning was a bit hard to get to, but it was nothing that we couldn't handle.  This evening Jonathan came over for dinner, and we ate roast and vegetables.  We really enjoyed visiting with him and Miriam who didn't go on the trip with us, and it was hard for me to leave for my meeting at 6 instead of staying to visit, but it couldn't be helped.  It don't think Jon stayed too much longer until he had to go home, himself.

So, that's our week in a nutshell, Matt.  I am struggling a bit with my weaknesses these days which include pride, selfishness, and slothfulness, just to name a few.  I want to do better this week, and I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ that helps me to repent and for the sacrament that I can take to help me renew my covenant to always remember Him and stand as His witness.  You are a good example to me, Matt, and I love you very much.  Have a wonderful week, your mommy is praying for you!


Dad, Thomas, Katrina at a cowboy town
Thomas, Great Grandma, and Katrina at the temple
Thomas singing with street singer

Grandma and Grandpa

April 7--Letter From Matt

hey, tell me if you don't like it when I send letters like this ok? I think it's helpful and I might keep on doing it like this, so tell me what you think.
Thanks so much!

nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I spelled prepare wrong in my letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 6--Dear Elder

Dear Elder,

Hi!  Thanks for the hand-written letter!  It was fun to get it, and, yes, your hand writing has improved!  I appreciate you thinking ahead like that and taking the time to write.  Thank you, also, for telling me about your investigators.   I’m so glad that you could get a birth certificate for Rocio.  That is a wonderful service you for her!  I’m also glad to hear that you and your companion are working so well together.  I liked your bowling video.  Too bad the camera wasn’t rolling when you got your strikes, ha ha!

You asked me about Mosiah 15:1-4.  Doctrine and Covenants 93:4 further clarifies the concept of Christ being the father and the son:  “And that I am in the Father, and the Father in me, and the Father and I are one—The Father because he gave me of his fulness, and the Son because I was in the world and made flesh my tabernacle, and dwelt among the sons of men. “  Also Mosiah 5:7 explains another way Christ is the father as well as the son.  “And now, because of the covenant which ye have made ye shall be called the children of Christ, his sons, and his daughters; for behold, this day he hath spiritually begotten you; for ye say that your hearts are changed through faith on his name; therefore, ye are born of him and have become his sons and his daughters.”  We are all children of God the Father, but those who take upon themselves the name of Christ, also become His sons and daughters.

As far as God the Father and Jesus Christ being “one god,” these words from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism help clarify their “one-ness”

“The unity prayed for in John 17 provides a model for the LDS understanding of the unity of the Godhead-one that is achieved among distinct individuals by unity of purpose, through faith, and by divine will and action. Joseph Smith taught that the Godhead was united by an "everlasting covenant [that] was made between [these] three personages before the organization of this earth" relevant to their administration to its inhabitants (TPJS, p. 190). The prime purpose of the Godhead and of all those united with them is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39; Hinckley, p. 49-51).”

I hope this helps, Matt.  Let me know what else you are thinking, and we can think about it together.

We are doing well.  In fact, Dad, Katrina, Thomas, and I are traveling to  see Grandpa and Grandma.  It is our spring break, so we thought we’d take advantage of the time off and visit them.   General conference was this weekend, so we waited till it was over and then took off.  We are staying over night at the half way point, so the drive won’t be so bad.  I decided to read an abridged version of Les Mis to the family as we drive, but it’s very badly abridged, so I’m ending up looking things up in the unabridged and reading to them from that.  Good thing I had them both on my Kindle!  The funny thing is that the unabridged version was free, but this stinkin’ abridged version cost me five bucks, ha ha.

Did you get to see Conference, Matt?  I hope so.  Wasn’t it wonderful?  I loved the talks, and many of the speakers said things that seemed to be just for me.  I can’t wait to re-read them!  I hope I’ll have time to study at Grandma and Grandpa’s, but we’ll see.  I also thought that the talks were very good for the kids, and I know Dad enjoyed it, too.  I especially loved the talks about Joseph Smith, and I thought there were a lot of them.  Matt, I love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much, and I love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, His church!  I appreciated all the counsel we received, and I want to reread the chapter in “Preach My Gospel” about inviting others to come unto Christ and following up on invitations.

We didn’t do much on Saturday besides watch conference except that while Dad and Thomas were at the priesthood session, Miriam, Katrina, and I went out for a treat and to do a little shopping.  It was fun to be together.

Friday night, Dad and I saw Les Miserables…again!  It was so fun.  We left right after work, so we thought we had tons of time to kill.  We bought me some shirts and walked around and had lots of fun together.  When we got to the theater, however, we found out that our tickets were for 4:00, and we’d missed the showing!  We were both in shock.  They sent us to a different window where they said they’d just gotten a cancellation, and that they could seat us.  We were so relieved!

We went in and sat down, and all these men in suits and their wives and dates sat all around us.  All of them were holding little white boxes with bows on them, and then the governor came in and sat down, too.  They were all big wigs who had come to see the play.  The man in a suit next to me gave us his little white box because he and his wife had gotten extra.  The box had three meringue cookies in it—one red, one white, and one blue, like the French (and American, ha ha) flag.  It also had coupons for free drinks.  It was really nice of him to give it to us, and he told us a bit about why they were there which was basically to see about funding for a new theater.

The play has two casts, and we were able to see the other cast that we hadn’t seen yet.  They did a wonderful job.  Dad was smart enough to grab some tissues in the bathroom, so we were able to cry to our heart’s content as we watched.  Afterward, we were able to greet and thank the staff.  We never did shake the governor’s hand because there were so many people who wanted to.  That’s okay.

Let’s see, other than that, this week I finished sewing the parachute for Thomas’s Eagle Scout project.  I also did my finances, and went on a couple of walks with Dad.  Pretty exciting, huh?  Katrina got home at 3 am Tuesday morning, and Tuesday night we had family home evening.  Thomas gave a lesson on preparing for conference, and then we all drew pictures for Great Grandma to hang on her wall to cheer her up.  It was a good family home evening.

Lily is potty training this week, and I got to talk to her and Cassandra quite a bit.  Lily’s doing pretty good with it, I think.  I sent her a package with a princess shirt and some new unders.  It also had a little toy chicken in it that lays candy eggs.  I also talked to Jon this morning.  He’s doing good, and it was fun to visit.  Miriam isn’t going with us on this trip, btw.  She couldn’t get the time off.  I hope she isn’t too lonely without us!

Well, we are at our hotel, now, and I really need to get to bed.  Good night, Matt.  I love you very much.  Thanks for remembering us in your prayers, we are praying for you, too.


March 31--Letter From Matt

Anticipating that we were going to be busy today an unable to write, I wrote my weekly letter on paper and took pictures of it! Here it is:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March 31--Dear Elder

Dear Elder,
Hi!  How are you doing?  Did you have a good week?  How is your companion?  Did you find any new people to teach?  How are the families that you have been teaching doing?  I am so glad that Rosa Maria wants to raise her children in the gospel.  I know that it will really bless her life.  I am sorry that Carlos and Rosio haven’t been progressing much.  I will try to remember them specifically in my prayers.  I am so glad that you are teaching Jose’s whole family so that they can all live the gospel together.  It sounds like things are going really well.

It is wonderful that you are studying about the atonement.  There sure is a lot to learn, isn’t there?  I’m glad you work so hard to not only learn of Christ but also to be like Him.  You are a good example to me and the rest of the family.  Thank you so much for that, Matt.

We have had a nice week although the weather has gotten cold again.  Right now the wind is blowing really hard, and I’m glad that I’m inside, ha ha.   Some specific things have made this week so nice.  For one thing, Dad and I went to the temple Friday, which was absolutely wonderful.  There were five young missionaries in our session from the Marshall Islands who were going through the temple for the first time, and it was wonderful to be in the session with them.  

Another thing that made this week so good is that on Saturday I went to the General Women’s meeting of the church.  Katrina is on choir tour, so I went to Elizabeth’s ward and watched it with her and Esther.  Two of the speakers spoke on keeping our covenants with the Lord.  All of the talks were inspiring and the music and videos were beautiful.  I came away from the meeting feeling comforted in my sorrows and also inspired to be more loving of the women around me.  I am so glad I got to go with Elizabeth and Esther!

Besides all those wonderful things, it was also Fast Sunday today, and I am so grateful that I can fast for strength and blessings.  Not only that, but, as you know, conference is next week!  What a wonderful and much-needed time of strength and renewal.  What a blessing!  

Besides those things, we also have been doing some fun things.  Dad hasn’t had to work as much after school, so he and I got to spend some extra time together when Thomas and Miriam have been gone, and also, all four of us went to the nickle arcade this last week and had a total blast.  I had a ton of fun playing “Tubin’” and “Burger Time” with Dad.  We used to play those two games at the Wilkinson center together when we were dating and first married.  We looked around for “Bubble Bobble,” another of our faves, but it was gone.  So sad, ha ha.  Miram, Thomas, and I had fun doing basketball hoops and air hockey together.  It was great; I really didn’t expect to have so much fun.  

Katrina got her ACT score while she was gone, and it is a 31.  Her last score was a 30, so she’s happy with that.  I told her that she should take it again and study this time, ha ha.  Katrina has been calling periodically, and she says she is having tons of fun in Seattle.  Last night she called me just before they went in to see the Lion King.  She also texted Miriam earlier and asked if anyone wanted souvenirs and stipulated that they would have to pay for them or convince me to.  That made me and Miriam laugh.  Saturday, Miriam and I went shopping together and then we got frozen yogurt.  I’m glad we got a bit of girl time.  Dad and Thomas worked at the laundry and then went off on another adventure.  

After the conference last night, I got to talk to Cassandra on the phone.  They are doing good.  Cassandra’s friend gave her a super hero baby shower.  I think that is so cute!  Emerson and Lily went and did a service project together Saturday morning, I think it was, and they had a fun time.  I love those guys so much!  They are always doing something good.

Dad and I saw Jon and Costco once this week which was nice.  He’s very busy, but seems happy.  I sewed a shirt for him and helped him get a doctor’s appointment.  My favorite thing to do after work is to go to Costco, eat samples, and see Jon, ha ha!

At work we took the kids bowling again, and then we ate at the mall afterward again.  One of our students who is a real Disney fan didn’t want to go with his group—he wanted to go to the Disney store instead, of course, so I volunteered to go with him.  We were in there for a whole hour.  I’ve had my fill of Disney for quite awhile.  I did find a book for Cassandra’s baby.  It has tons of sound effects that you play as you read, and if he’s anything like my boys, he’ll love love love sound effects.  It also has a steering wheel to turn while you read.  I think Lily will like it, too.   I found out this week, also, that Elizabeth’s baby is a boy.  It is all so exciting.  Not only that, but the lady I visiting teach is having a boy.  Lot’s of boy babies to spoil.  Hooray!!!

Tonight we stake young women and young men leaders are putting on a fireside with Steven Kapp Perry.  I wonder if we will have anyone there since another stake is having a fireside tonight with the University football and soccer teams.   Dad is coming with me, but I don’t know whether Thomas will come with us or go to the other one.   It’s really pouring out there, Matt.  Dad pointed out earlier that we’ve totally lucked out this winter with lots of rain in the valley and snow in the mountains.

I’m sure Dad told you, but he is making real headway on family history I am really hoping that we will soon have some family names to take to the temple.  That will be so neat!  I tried to get on to to find cousins, but I can’t figure out how to do it, even with the video they have on family search to help me.  Luckily, they have a phone number that I can call with questions, so I guess that is what we’ll do.

I love you, Matt.   Have a wonderful day.  

March 24--Dear Elder

Now I remember what a flibber is! Haha, I also remember those bear thingies very vaguely. I don't really remember them too much.

Anyway, I really enjoyed your letter this week mom, and i would love to comment on the things that you wrote there, but, as usual we are pressed for time, and I only have a half hour to write. I think I'm getting better at writing letters on the fly! haha.

This week we found a woman named Rosa Maria, she's a grandma now and has a lot of little Nietos (Grand children) An RM brought us to her house and told us to teach her. She had gone to church before in the past but had stopped coming because she got disappointed with life and as she would say she: "let the devil win" and decided that it was easier not to go to church. We invited her to read, pray and come to church this week, which she did. She wants to be a good example for her little grandchildren and bring them up in a "God fearing" way (I really don't know how to say that in English) I respect her a lot and we have a lot of hope that we can help her become a member of the church and be able to be the example that she wants to be.
We have an appointment with her tomorrow. It's fun to teach her. We haven't gotten to know her that well, but we are going to care for her as much as we can.
Carlos and Rocío haven't been progressing as much these past weeks, although we hope that we can help them and their family to progress. 
José is doing good right now. We are trying to teach his family because we want to help them to re-activate so that José doesn't just go inactive if he gets baptized. It's slow going but with a lot of help from the ward, I'm sure that they can come back.

This week, I started looking at the Atonement of Christ more in my studies and I noticed that the Atonement is extensive..... And that the Atonement is only one of the things that Christ did, the most significant for us was the Atonement, but there are still a lot of other things he did for us. So, I have a lot to study! Man do I have a lot to study, and a lot to put into practice. 

Other interesting things about this week: I got stung by a bee this Saturday in a ward mission activity. I survived don't worry. :)

Imagine your son, sitting in Mexico, in a small room jammed with computers, sweating to death. Yup. That's about what's going down right in this moment.  

I love you Mom thank you so much for everything you do! I hope that you and the family have a wonderful day today and all during the week.

Saturday, April 5, 2014