Sunday, January 30, 2011

Marcil's Birthday Madlibs

Here is my birthday Madlibs.  First the silly one:
  • Today we are studying Marci’s church.  
  • Her birthday was 372 days ago but today is the day that Katrina pondered her a hot cake from the ironing board.  
  • On her real high heel day, Brian prayed her 12 roses and took her out to wrestle.  
  • That morning Miriam slept the kids.
  • They fell her a sleepy headgear consisting of hot dogs with yogurt topping.  
  • They also manipulated the booger and made their own bruises. 
  • Marci is now 2 years old and we stink her very much.  
  • Oh yeah, Mommy Moo Cow and Marty forgot it was her birthday.
  • Marci's sloppy, blasphemous dragon inflicted them to remind them.
Now the real one:

  • Today we are celebrating Marci’s birthday.  
  • Her birthday was a few days ago but today is the day that Katrina baked her a chocolate cake from scratch. 
  • On her real birthday, Brian bought her 24 roses and took her out to eat.  
  • That morning Miriam organized the kids and they all made her a special birthday breakfast consisting of pancakes with apple pie topping.  
  • They also cleaned the house and made their own lunches.  
  • Marci is now 43 years old and we love her very much.  
  • Oh yeah, Jonathan and Cassandra forgot it was her birthday so her sweet wonderful husband called them to remind them.
Well, that's it for birthday stuff till the end of February.  Whew!

More about Marci's Birthday

  • Even though my birthday was a few days ago, we had a little family party to celebrate it today.
  • Katrina made me a chocolate cake from scratch.
  • It was moist, flavorful, and frosted just the way I like it—not at all.  
  • While we ate they told me what they wished for me.   
  • Miriam wished I had a closet full of flattering clothes to wear
  • “Not because the clothes you have now aren’t flattering, cause they are.  Just so you can have even more clothes.”
  • Some one, I can’t remember who, wished for a maid to do all my work.
  • Mr. Brian wished that we were independently wealthy so that he and I could go to school together.
  • He could study history and I could study every thing I wanted.
  • In the summers we could travel as a family to the holy land, and to Europe.
  • We could stay at San Salvatore in Italy for a month.  
  • San Salvatore is the setting for one of my favorite movies of all time, “Enchanted April”
  • They sure know what I like, especially my husband.  
  • Then my sweet Brian did a birthday madlibs for me.
  • After that we watched home videos till scripture and prayer time.  
  • What a sweet evening we had!

Wonderful Day

  • This Friday, Jan 28, was a wonderful day, but it didn't start out that way. 
  •  It started out being a stress and a concern all week.  
  • Thomas's wrestling tournament was that night.
  • President Uchtdorf was also speaking in the tabernacle that night and we had an invitation to go!
  • The talk would be broadcast world wide to all church education teachers and support. 
  • I was invited with my spouse because I am a seminary substitute.  
  • The invitation included dinner afterwards in the conference center, and we were so excited to go.  
  • I had Thomas's tournament on my calendar for Saturday.
  • Then, at the beginning of the week, we found out that it was two days, Friday and Saturday.  
  • Conflict!!!
  • We prayed a lot for help.
  • We also called my sister who lives about  fifteen minutes from the tournament to help us if we needed it.  
  • On Friday, Thomas and I drove to the tournament.
  • We were unsure how it all was going to work out.  
  • We brought a skirt for me to change into and clothes to sleep over at my sister's if it came to that.  
  • I watched Thomas's first match. 
  • He was amazing!   
  • He wrestled a boy much more experienced than he was, but he would not let himself be pinned. 
  • He always gives every match all he’s got.
  • It was wonderful to watch him.  
  • He did get pinned in the end, however. 
  • After that, I wasn’t sure what to do.
  •  It was time to go hear President Uchtdorf. 
  • We had no idea when Thomas's next matches would be or what the outcome would be.
  • If Thomas lost one more match, he’d be out of the tournament for good and would need a place to go.  
  • I gave him a phone and told him to call my sister if he finished with the tournament before we finished. 
  • I left him sitting quite happily with members of his wrestling team.
  • I drove 45 minutes to the conference center and parked.
  • I changed into my skirt and boots, and walked to the tabernacle.
  • Brian met me there.
  • He had driven up after work.
  • He also came prepared to stay over with us at my sister's if we needed to.
  •  President Uchtdorf’s talk was wonderful!
  • The spirit of the Holy Ghost was very strong.
  •  It was so nice to be sitting next to my husband in the historic tabernacle listening to a prophet of God.  
  • Afterwards, we called Thomas.
  • He hadn’t wrestled yet.
  • He didn't know when he'd wrestle again.
  • We walked to the dinner at the conference center. 
  • It was wonderful food, especially the fruit. 
  • I know that sound weird.  
  • Now days all fruit, no matter how nice looking is totally tasteless.
  • This fruit was delicious.  
  • After the meal, we hurried to back to the tournament.
  • Ten minutes after we arrived, we got to watch Thomas's second match!
  • He fought at tenaciously as he could, but ended up losing in the end.  
  • That ended the tournament for Thomas's.  
  • We let my sister know that we wouldn’t be staying over after all. 
  • She and her family were so sweet to be “on call” for us like that.
  • Especially because her husband flew in from a business trip that evening.  
  • They were very kind to be there when we needed them.
  • I hope we can be as helpful to people in need as they were to us.  
  • We then made the long drive home, arriving before eleven o clock.   
  • Whew, what a day! 
  • What a wonderful, wonderful, day.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

  • I had a wonderful day today.
  • Brian welcomed me awake with a big smile and sang “Happy Birthday” to me. 
  • He quietly left for work, letting me sleep in. 
  • The kids made me breakfast. 
  • It was such a surprise!  
  • They made me French toast with apple pie filling and scrambled eggs. 
  • Delicious!!  
  • And instead of the kitchen being a breakfast-making disaster, they had cleaned it, dishes and all!
  • It was nice to eat breakfast all together instead of in shifts.  
  • Then, just as I was wondering what we were going to do about lunches with it being so late, they told me that the lunches were made. 
  • I feel  as if I’ve witnessed a miracle. 

Matt's Birthday, Madlibs Style

We have a tradition of doing a Madlibs version for everyone's birthday.  Here's Matt's.
To see the real entry, read my Jan 21 post.

  • The other day was Matt's groundhog day. 
  • He turned 3,247,326 1/2. 
  • In honor of his birthday, I started a new International popcorn day Breakfast tradition. 
  • I served Jumpy PancakesChoked Apples, and  slithered cream to the kids before they went to the mental hospital
  • I started this tradition because Matt's requested all his birthday budget in the sewer, so he is not having a tire rotation with friends tonight.  
  • A humanday breakfast  is my way to make sure his day is still creepy.  
  • While we expanded, we told him what we wish will protrude on his birthday.  
  • Oliver Twist wished that the shrub of his dreams would kiss him. 
  • Ghandi wished that he could get to stay home from BYU football (and that the theme park of his dreams would rock him at school and come to the house and accelerate him). 
  • I forget what George Washington wished which is sad because it was cowardly. 
  • I wished that the Monkey's would win today's pipefitter’s spirit competition.  
  • Lame. 
  • Hweeshcapelli was already at work and missed the party.  
  • Matt loathed the breakfast! 
  • It made him, Mickey Mouse, and Ghandi II all late to school, but Conan the Librarian said it was worth it. 
  • I was so busy with breakfast, I forgot to make the kid's wangdoodles. 
  • I had to steal 8 gold-colored pickles from Brian's smelly chest so that they could each buy a Victrola.  
  • Matt is going out to crochet with soup tonight, and we are having a dollar bill party for him after the auditorium on Sunday. 
  • My jawbreakers will roll by after school to wish Matt a hot birthday.
 The next part talks about Sun, Jan 23. 

  • Today, Jupiterday, we had a football party with Matt.  
  • He got a pillow from his dad and we sang happy snowday and ate zots and snails.  
  • We carry Matt very much. 
  • He is  snippy and  sexy and cute.  
  • We are so shocked he’s in our family.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt

  • Recently Matt celebrated his birthday.
  • He turned 18
  • I started a new Birthday Breakfast tradition
  • I served Fluffy PancakesSauteed Apples, and whipped cream
  • I started this tradition because Matt requested all his birthday budget in cash, so he is not having a party with friends tonight. 
  • A birthday breakfast is my way to make sure his day is still special.
  • While we ate, we told him what we wish will happen on his birthday.
  • Katrina wished that the girl of his dreams would kiss him.
  • Thomas wished that he could get to stay home from school (and that the girl of his dreams would miss him at school and come to the house and kiss him)
  • I forget what Miriam wished which is sad because it was cute.
  • I wished that the seniors would win today's school spirit competition. 
  • My wish was very lame.
  • Brian was already at work and missed the party :(
  • Matt loved the breakfast! 
  •  It made him, Miriam, and Thomas all late to school, but Matt said it was worth it.
  • I was so busy with breakfast, I forgot to make the kid's lunches.
  • I had to steal 8 gold-colored coins from Brian's treasure chest so that they could each buy lunch.
  • I feel sorry for Brian.  
  • Today, my parents will drop by after school to wish Matt a happy birthday.
  • My parents are in town because they are helping my sister, Elizabeth with her new baby.
  • Matt is going to go out to eat with friends tonight.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thomas's New Groove

This morning Thomas informed me that he signed himself up for "Junior High Idol"  This means that he needs to show up at school today prepared to perform in front of a camera with a song to lip sync and moves to go with it.
 I didn't even know Thomas had any moves.  I'm sure you've heard of the song he chose to sing.-- "I'm... too sexy for my shirt... too sexy for my shirt... So sexy it hurts, followed by being too sexy for his car, his cat, your party, this song...etc.
 How can a skinny 80-lb seventh grader be too sexy for anything?
His big plan was to throw his shirt off at the beginning and dance the rest of the song shirtless.  Hmmm.  Being the modest mom that I am and also not wanting him to become a target of any weirdos at school, I convinced him to try my alternative.  We got a sharpie and drew a big muscly-torso onto one of his big brother's undershirts (hope Matt doesn't mind.).  Now Thomas can throw off his outer shirt, display his "muscles" and show off his new groove.

    Grandma Patricia

    My Grandma Patricia is 85 years old and lives in a nursing home.  She has been without Grandpa Richard for seven years.  Grandma Patricia has 10 kids, just like my Grandma Maxine, but whereas Grandma Maxine had mostly boys, Grandma Patricia had mostly girls—seven, in fact.  My Dad was Grandma Maxine’s oldest child and my mom was Grandma Patricia’s oldest child.  

    Grandma Patricia and Grandpa Richard also spent most of their married life moving from place to place trying to earn a living to support their family.  Grandpa Richard was a mechanic.  Unlike Grandma Maxine and Grandpa Devar who only owned one house, and settled in it for good, Grandma Patricia and Grandpa Richard owned a few houses in the day, but never really settled down for long. 

    I loved going to Grandma Patricia’s house when they lived near us.  It was a house full of teenagers.  At almost every visit I would ask my aunties, “do you have anything to give me?”  Then they would dig in their drawers and give me bottles of old, sticky fingernail polish, and other cast-off make up.  

    At one point, Grandpa and Grandma owned a house in St. George Utah which was such a fun place!  We’d go to Judd’s candy store, explore the underground caves, play on the sand dunes, tube the canal, and squeeze through the narrows.  It was truly a place of adventure!   How I wish they had never sold that house and moved away.

    I learned a lot about family from Grandma Patricia as I watched her gather us all together for holidays, birthdays, and family gatherings.  She worked hard to make everyone feel welcome and  to “love them into the family,” as she would say.  That’s definitely a saying I want to live by!